mardi 30 novembre 2010

SVNSNS002 : DREAMS "Forgotten Thoughts" EP - CS30

9 new brilliant tracks by portuguese chillwave prodigy 

Rough Trade says : before the year turns darker there's still glorious summerisms to be had, this time from portugal's dreams. ostensibly some young kids' ideas of what the past was like, 'forgotten thoughts' is a swirling, echoing collection of halcyon memories fading in and out of a psychedlecised brain. it's a pulsating sound with a mutant house backbeat and layered harmonies draped all over. if washed out had been tie-dyed in a porto beach house and then left on the beach while the kids went swimming it'd sound like this.

Tracklisting : 

SIDE A                                         SIDE B
1. Swimming in Pink Waters           1. In Dreams
2. Interlude I                                  2. Interlude III
3. I Want You                                3. Don't Leave Me
4. Interlude II                                 4. Eating Us
5. Believe

4 euros + postage through

Also Available through : Rough Trade, Big Love (Japan)

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