lundi 7 février 2011

SVNSNS004 : GLITTER BONES "Returning the Magic" deluxe edition 12" LP is finally OUT !!!

boys and girls, we are really happy to announce the release of the fantastic GLITTER BONES LP !!!!
It's been a long wait but here it is and let me tell you, it looks bloody amazing !
The LP features a rearranged version of their "Returning the magic" EP with 2 previously unreleased tracks and two remixes by our favorite band from Chicago.
The LP is on semi translucent purple vinyl with white streaks, magic for the ears and the eye.
Limited to 250 hand numbered copies.

Rough Trade says : limited, deep rose patterned vinyl. chicago's glitter bones do what they say on the tin. bathed in golden reverb and gorgeous guitar shimmer, 'returning the magic' is a pulsating, beautiful record which goes astral with its intentions and bedroom-bound in its origins. combining the chilled-to-sadness chords of jeans wilder, the nostalgic beating heart a-weeping of wild nothing and the tidal drift of summers gone and to come 'glitter bones; make swoonsome music to fall in love to.

Tracklisting :

SIDE A                                              SIDE B
1. Glow in the Dark                           1. Chapel Footwork
2. Erial Celestial Vision                      2. Ghost Drum
3. Spell Legend                                 3. Books on Novels Remix
4. Race to Heaven                             4. Black Rain, Black Horse Remix

10 euros + postage - order at

Also available through : Big Love (Japan) and Rough Trade (UK)

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