lundi 20 décembre 2010


Hi everyone ! as we just turned 1 year old, we're happy to announce that we just received the test pressings of a release we've really been looking forward to for a long time : the GLITTER BONES "returning the magic" deluxe edition 12" vinyl is finally on its way ! GB was one of the first bands on the label, this release was supposed to be out sooner but due to several difficulties it got pushed back BUT now we know that we'll all be able to spin the record and bang our heads to their dreamy groove early 2011.

The test pressings sound great, the manufacturer is now processing the copies on some awesome transparent purple wax and getting the artwork printed so sit tight, we're almost there !

you can now preorder the record here :
10 euros + postage

mardi 30 novembre 2010


Holy Other's pure minimal gothy harmonies collide with young talent Indogochild's maximalistic sound of despair for everyone's enjoyment

Rough Trade says : holy other see their debut 7" coming out on transparent records and here's some further mystikal emanations from the smokey crew. deeply unsettling, like salem or ooooo if they were the house band at twin peaks' one eyed jacks, all unsettling twisted ambience and brooding ethereal spirits. indigochild is a weighter, doom-laden wall of killer bass. perhaps like salem's little brother, indigochild combine whispered creepy vocals and raw-power tape blow-out to really uphold their own on this split.

Tracklisting :

1. Eternal Present                          1. Arson
2. Pity U                                        2. Washaway
3. Med                                          3. Melt

4 euros + postage through

Also Available through PureGroove (UK), Rough Trade (UK), Big Love (Japan)

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SVNSNS002 : DREAMS "Forgotten Thoughts" EP - CS30

9 new brilliant tracks by portuguese chillwave prodigy 

Rough Trade says : before the year turns darker there's still glorious summerisms to be had, this time from portugal's dreams. ostensibly some young kids' ideas of what the past was like, 'forgotten thoughts' is a swirling, echoing collection of halcyon memories fading in and out of a psychedlecised brain. it's a pulsating sound with a mutant house backbeat and layered harmonies draped all over. if washed out had been tie-dyed in a porto beach house and then left on the beach while the kids went swimming it'd sound like this.

Tracklisting : 

SIDE A                                         SIDE B
1. Swimming in Pink Waters           1. In Dreams
2. Interlude I                                  2. Interlude III
3. I Want You                                3. Don't Leave Me
4. Interlude II                                 4. Eating Us
5. Believe

4 euros + postage through

Also Available through : Rough Trade, Big Love (Japan)

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lundi 29 novembre 2010


First album of the electro/shoegaze/new wave parisian trio
250 hand numbered copies on clear 12" vinyl  LP + mp3 download

Rough Trade says : on new dark dream pop label seven sons. to the happy few take processed walls of ghostly sound pasted onto meticulously programmed beat stabs and add an air of melancholy with a wistful, reverb heavy vocal. there's some darkness in the corners of the parisians' debut lp but also some triumphant changes and ideas borrowed from unlikely places, like 'lilly3105''s almost dubstep rhythm and 'guide my eyes' which touches on stirring, wide-eyed post rave balladry.

Tracklisting :

 SIDE A                            SIDE B
1. new recorder                1. trees against the sky
2. 2nd of may                   2. kite
3. guide my eyes              3. teen plague
4. rehabitches                  4. crepusculariu
5. despotic despair           5. lilly 3 105

10 € + postage through 

also available through Rough Trade, Big Love (japan), MusicFearSatan