lundi 16 septembre 2013

SVNSNS010 : MICRO CHEVAL's debut tape EP is now up for PREORDER !

Get busy on our online store !

Check Out the video for "Space Shit" here :

vendredi 3 mai 2013


Hey all, we've been sucking for far too long so here's our little internet upgrade, we have an online "store" :

...and our brand new website is currently in the works and will be up and running soon...

jeudi 26 juillet 2012

SVNSNS008 : TO THE HAPPY FEW "Digital Graveyard" EP is OUT

It's been a bit of a wait, but here it is finally, TO THE HAPPY FEW's follow up to their self-titled debut LP comes out in the shape of a limited tape edition of 100 copies.

Here's what the kind people at Rough Trade had to say about it : limited cassette release from seven sons. to the happy few are a mysterious parisian group who begat their career with witchy synth trials and spooked out, reverb-drenched vocal stylings. since then, on this evidence, they've evolved into an ecstatic goth proposition. the production has certainly been bumped up a notch, with massive drums and synth-beds now at the service of genuinely heart-string-tugging pop music. think john maus fronting early new order with a generous dollop of rave decay splattered about the place. 

Tracklist :
 Side A                                         Side B
1. E.V.P.                                      1. Dissolved
2. I'm Outta Here                         2. Crack Labels
3. Grandmastercrash                    3. Kirkebrann

Check out the video made by the man PɨK for the track "Dissolved" right HERE

Order the tape through (5euro + postage)
also available through Rough Trade and La Fabrique Balades Sonores

You can also stream the whole EP and/or buy it digitally through TTHF's Bandcamp

mercredi 9 mai 2012

SVNSNS007 : HAPPY NEW YEAR debut LP is OUT !!!

We're proud to announce that HAPPY NEW YEAR's fantastic first full length is now available.
Limited edition of 300 copies on white with pink splatter vinyl.
Photo and Artwork respectively by Levi Mandel & Mike Zimmerman

Rough Trade says : "limited lp on pink and white splatter vinyl. shimmering stirrings from brooklyn... diy artist happy new year - aka eleanor logan - has progressed from perfectly executed synth pop to a more ambitious, kaleidoscopic sound. a graduate of the brooklyn noise scene, happy new year manages to marry an out-side-the-box thinking with true expressions of the heart through the medium of pop. self-produced and awash with lush, varied instrumentation, her full album debut showcases logan's breathy voice as a tool to elucidate feelings that are sometimes too obscure to form into words. the underground pop music of high places, post punk influences and a sense of wide-eyed wonderment inform 'happy new year.' chimes, bells, vintage synths and an almost zen sense of balance create a truly psychedelic atmosphere here without detracting from the essentially heartfelt and extremely well written songs."

10 euro + postage order it through
Also available through ROUGH TRADE (UK) and La Fabrique Balades Sonores (Paris)

vendredi 13 avril 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR's amazing debut album is up for preorder !

Paypal at to get your super sweet copy now !
Remember, if you snooze you loose...

France / Europe : 13€ (postage included)
Rest of the World : 15€ (postage included)


jeudi 22 mars 2012

FAKESERIES FESTIVAL, les potes de HARTZINE vous font un beau cadeau printanier

Et ça commence demain avec une soirée de chauffe au PANIC ROOM

Et ensuite, du 9 au 11 Avril, 3 soirées de concerts consécutives à L'ESPACE B avec un line up de feu : découvrez toute la programmation sur le SITE

Le dernier jour, SVN SNS sera à l'honneur avec le concert de TO THE HAPPY FEW et de HAPPY NEW YEAR qui amène sa noisy pop magnifique pour la toute première fois en France. Son premier album sort chez nous et je peux vous dire que l'on brûle d'impatience, il est en train d'être pressé alors que j'écris ces lignes, plus de news très bientôt ;)

jeudi 22 décembre 2011


Xmas is approaching fast and another year is coming to a close so here's a couple mixtapes to listen to while waiting for 2012. The last two years or so have been amazing and we have the feeling next year's gonna be quite incredible too, filled with a lot of new projects and releases, in the mean time we hope you'll enjoy these little gifts : 

Our good friends at HARTZINE asked us a few questions and we put a mixtape together especially for them featuring amongst other nice tunes previously unreleased tracks from some of the finest SVN SNS artists. Interview, Tracklist and Download RIGHT HERE 
A while back, the awesome french radio show THE VOICE OF CASSANDRE asked us to do a mixtape for the equally awesome L.A. based radio station DUBLAB. It features tracks from our early releases and other cool tunes. 
The thing is finally online you can Download it RIGHT HERE