jeudi 24 mars 2011


Interview + selecta SVN SNS RCRDS à partir de 17min30
juste avant selecta par Les Boutiques Sonores avec plein de trucs cooool
merci Cora, merci Toma 

the interview is in french but you can still listen to some pretty nice tracks and also check out our silly voices talking some shit in a funny yet exotic language... enjoy

lundi 14 mars 2011

TRAGEDY IN JAPAN - Our friends at BIG LOVE need all the help they can get

As you all know Japan is living a terrible tragedy after the earthquake/tsunami that hit the country on march 11th.
BIG LOVE is an awesome record label / record shop located in Shibuya, Tokyo and they are putting together a charity / fund raiser action in order to help all the people they know that are struggling to keep their lives together.
BIG LOVE were one of the first people to have an interest in SVN SNS and were among the very first to support us by buying and taking in our releases in their shop, and that since our first release, so it's only normal for us to try to do whatever we can to support them and send some love, some BIG LOVE, because that's what they're all about.
you can show your support by buying one of these nice keyrings pictured above or by simply giving a donation right here :
Every single $ helps so get busy.
Also, if you're a record label, a band or simply a music lover you can send them records, cassettes, actually just about any music-related item as a donation to help them raise more funds.
we'll be sending over a few LPs so if every single little label does that it should have some positive impact and help them fight through this major catastrophe.
All our thoughts go to our Japanese friends and their families. Thank you.

mardi 1 mars 2011

SVNSNS005 : CHIEF BLACK CLOUD "Monoï" 12" LP is OUT !!!

TTHF frontman David aka CHIEF BLACK CLOUD delivers his first full length.
His electropical dancy pop is the perfect soundtrack for a never ending summer. His cathartic beats will make your body shake while his heartfelt melodies take you for a trip to a place were teenage nostalgia meets drunken feelings. It's been a long wait since this gem is in the works but it was totally worth it, the thing sounds great and looks goddamn sexy. The LP is on translucent blue wax and limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

Tracklisting :

SIDE A                                              SIDE B
1. Summerblow                                 1. Wet Season
2. Limbo Trance                                2. Junior High Loner
3. Aloha Fordlita                                3. Kinky Tipsy
4. Foam                                            4. Midnighters
5. Reverie Days                                 5. Out Of The Camping
                                                        6. Bikini Wax

10 euros + postage - order at
Also available through Rough Trade (UK) and Big Love (Japan)

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