jeudi 26 juillet 2012

SVNSNS008 : TO THE HAPPY FEW "Digital Graveyard" EP is OUT

It's been a bit of a wait, but here it is finally, TO THE HAPPY FEW's follow up to their self-titled debut LP comes out in the shape of a limited tape edition of 100 copies.

Here's what the kind people at Rough Trade had to say about it : limited cassette release from seven sons. to the happy few are a mysterious parisian group who begat their career with witchy synth trials and spooked out, reverb-drenched vocal stylings. since then, on this evidence, they've evolved into an ecstatic goth proposition. the production has certainly been bumped up a notch, with massive drums and synth-beds now at the service of genuinely heart-string-tugging pop music. think john maus fronting early new order with a generous dollop of rave decay splattered about the place. 

Tracklist :
 Side A                                         Side B
1. E.V.P.                                      1. Dissolved
2. I'm Outta Here                         2. Crack Labels
3. Grandmastercrash                    3. Kirkebrann

Check out the video made by the man PɨK for the track "Dissolved" right HERE

Order the tape through (5euro + postage)
also available through Rough Trade and La Fabrique Balades Sonores

You can also stream the whole EP and/or buy it digitally through TTHF's Bandcamp

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